I’m presently using Xojo 2019r3.2 with a standalone web application. I occasionally run into this error listed below. What causes this error? I already did extensive searches for this error and only found that using Session.Quit outside of the session or in the open event can possibly cause this. I make sure I only call the Session.Quit inside the Session. Anyone have any ideas what can cause this. The OS is Linux Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and this was the error:

Unhandled Exception
Error 0

Once this error occurs, sessions no longer close and continue to build. Any thoughts would be helpful.


After several code checks, it appears that Self.Quit inside a session can cause this. I can’t use this command anywhere in the application except inside the AllowUnsupportedBrowser event of the web session. If I attempt to quit the session anywhere else, this error can randomly occur. Is there another way to quit a web session manually? I can’t even use it in the TimedOut event of the session.