WebProgressWheel : Cannot Resize Animated SVG in Web Progress Wheel

If i recall correctly from previous version of Xojo ( Earlier Web 2.0) , whenever
we load animated SVG into Web progress Wheel, the animated SVG will be resized according to the size of the WebProgressWheel control.

However, in recent Xojo web this does not happen for all animated SVG. Any changes that happens that we should be aware of?

Maybe your SVG has size definition/limitation?

Quick test and I see no problems:

I got some SVG loaded and animated as intended. However, some, which previously can be resized properly, no longer does so.

You can try with these free SVGs:

I am using Web Progress Wheel as a viewer for animated SVG in my program.
If this is not proper ( hence why resizing is not possible), please advise on how to properly show animated SVG’s in XOJO’s web application.

As I said before:

Here is the code for cloudy-day-1.svg

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!-- (c) ammap.com | SVG weather icons -->
    viewbox="0 0 64 64">

the code is limiting the width/height. If you remove the restriction then it will resize.

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If you are loading the SVG and can’t update it manually (to remove the width and height values) or ‘on the fly’ you can use this code in the App HTMLHeader

svg {width: 100%; height: auto;}

that will override your SVG width/height limitation.

Without the style:

with the style:

Note: static images this time

Alberto, thanks for this lead. I am able to resize the SVG freely by removing the width and height restriction.

Thank you.