Webprogressbar color Gray in Webdialog

Why webprogressbar is in gray color in webdialog? How i can fix that?

It’s grey on WebPages as well. Are you not confusing with Desktop ProgressBar ?

I’d say its a bit Purple/Blue-ish. Not grey :slight_smile:

For me it looks the same on both a page and a dialog in 2013r3.3

I just put together a small custom control called WebColorProgressBar.


Download by right click then save as, and drag into your project. Then drag an instance over the WebPage or Dialog.

WebColorProgressBar.Maximum and WebColorProgressBar.Value work like the regular control.

WebColorProgressBar.BarColor is the color of the bar. &c00FF2800 as default (the same kind of green as in Windows).

You can make the bar any width and any height, so it is possible to have a very narrow or very heavy ProgressBar.

Because Web Applications do not update the UI while an event is not over, you cannot expect the change of value to update immediately while in an event. Better use a timer which will update the value.

For instance, this moves the bar from a timer Action event :

Sub Action() if ColorProgressBar1.Value < ColorProgressBar1.Maximum then ColorProgressBar1.value = ColorProgressBar1.value+1 end if End Sub

This control is server-side, so it will not be as fluid as the native one. But the color can be set.

Looks great!
I’ll take a look at it. Kudos!

@Michel Bujardet
Great job !!!
The control is locked… is it possible to share the source code ?

Great job !!!
The control is locked… is it possible to share the source code ?[/quote]

In the past, I shared the source code for some controls just to see my job revamped and outdone in this forum. Sorry, but because of that, at this point, I just feel like sharing the usable class, not the engineering anymore.

You can get the source code for WebColorProgressBar for $9.90 by clicking the link below :