WebPopupMenu vs Contextual Menu

I have a requirement for a popup list that must contain the most current data each time it is displayed. I have tried using both a WebButton’s action event to create and display a contextual menu, and a WebPopupMenu populating the popup menu durinng the mouse down event.

Both of these work but have their limitations.

Contextual menus do not scroll, so if you have a menu longer than will fit in your browser window you cannot reach all the items in the list. This limitation becomes especially acute on a mobile device.

The WebPopupMenu works great on a computer, but on an mobile device there really is no mouse down event. It does fire, but you only see the results the next time you tap the popup menu.

So barring finding a better solution, using a contextual menu is a no go as it will often be unusable expecially on a mobile device. A WebPopupMenu appears to be a workable solution albeit not entirely intuitive on a mobile device as a user would have to know to tap the popup twice to get the most current data from which to select.

Is there another way to do what I am trying to achieve here?

On an iPad I am seeing that using the WebPopupMenu ,where the WebPopupMenu is populated during the mouse down event, the mouse down event only fires once…

1st Tap - not populated
2nd Tap - populated
3rd tap - not updated
4th tap - not updated (I expected to see the update here)
5th tap - not update… never updates

1st Tap - mouse down event fires and populates the Popup menu, but the menu that displays is empty
2nd Tap - no mouse down event, menu displays with populated data.
3rd Tap - no mouse down event so no update… never a mouse down event again

So neither option is a winner on the mobile device.

I have decided to use a WebListbox in a container. Not exactly the look I wanted, but it works on the computer and on mobile withour any issues.