Webpopup and keydown

If you have a list of countries, and they are in a web pop-up.

In most applications and in Web 1.0
With focus on the popup If you hit the “J” key once
and “Jamaica” is selected
twice you get “Japan”

This is not the default behavior in Web 2.0. Is there a preference I need to set?
How does one accomplish this?

I believe this isn’t currently possible with Web 2.0 as the PopupMenu isn’t an actual HTML <select>.

Anthony do you have a control that will solve it?

The closest I have is GraffitiPopupMenu which can be configured to display a search field in the dropdown.

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Oh well. Thanks Anthony.

FWIW it looks like this was reported as bug 60409 in May. But it is still “Needs Review”

I did just double-check this, because I was sure there was some accounting for keypresses. If you set focus to a GraffitiPopupMenu and press a key, it automatically opens the dropdown and puts the character and focus to the search field.

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