Webpicture download has no text

My web app provides to the user a result in a webpage with where the result is drawn in a webcanvas. It contains lines, text etc.
To be able to download the result as a picture I am drawing the same content in a Picture after which it is assigned to a Webpicture. See example code

MyDownloadPicture = new picture (800,600,32) DrawResultGraphics(MyDownloadPicture.Graphics) //Here the result is drawn in the picture dim PictureFile = new WebPicture (MyDownloadPicture, "image/jpeg") PictureFile.ForceDownload = True PictureFile.Filename = "Result.jpg" ShowURL(PictureFile.URL)

When I run this code on my computer via the IDE it works fine and I can download the picture with text as JPG or PNG (depending on what I have set, where jpeg is show in the code above).
Problem is when I run the app on Xojo Cloud. Then the downloaded picture only shows the drawn lines & ovals, but no Text.

Tried a couple of things, searched in the forum, read documentation but no solution.
Anyone an idea how to solve this?

The most likely answer is that the font you are using doesn’t exist on the server.

Thanks Greg. Problem was indeed solved after uploading the Arial.ttf font, with a SFTP tool, to the font folder on Xojo cloud.