WebPages are NOT WebPages

A recent project has required the ability to navigate to a specific WebPage in a Web Application by URL. In Xojo WebPages are not actually traditional webpages. They are just javascript containers for your controls. The framework has no inherent ability to load webpages with a specific URL.

The distinction between webpages and web container’s is unclear. In fact many customers often ask us: “What is better? Several webpages or one webpage and several containers?” Who knows!

Not anymore. Due to a need for the ability to load a specific webpage based on URL we are releasing the WebPageController. In a nutshell you use a controller object to load instances of your webpages when a session is created, and then you load a default webpage (unless a hashtag demands otherwise). The Session.HashTagChanged event allows you to load a specific webpage. You use the controller from then on to move between webpages. It’s pretty straight forward stuff.

Find more information and download links here: http://www.1701software.com/blog/files/webpages_are_not_webpages.html

On GitHub https://github.com/1701software/WebPageController