Webpage screenshot

I need to be able to supply a URL and return a picture of what the webpage currently looks like

with syntax similar to this.

dim p as picture

I always wondered if it would be possible to do this with a webview. I’m interested. Especifically not the viewed area but the full length.

Will try a few things, now that you’ve reminded me of it, although I know there are third party tools that can do this.

Desktop? Web?

You can search the archives. We have plugin functions for htmlviewer to get picture.
Some other people prefer using webkit on command line for this.

Desktop… without plugins… if it can’t be done it is not a big deal.
I have an app that shows a mockup of a webpage… just thought it would be “cool” to have it show a “live” page.
Otherwise I’ll just photoshop a image of Google.Com

Load it in the htmlviewer and make a screenshot.

As a workaround I have been using the Phantomjs binary and xojo shell to do this on the fly.

Website Screen Capture