Webpage.Resized dont change container.width

Hello. It’s an example, but I need this. Webpage.resized event doesn’t want to change container.width. Do you know why? The code below doesn’t work. When I used this code then I resized webpage and container has alwas the same width…

Through button.action event this works fine, but through webpage.resized event not. I tried too Timer and Thread in resized event and nothing help.

In webpage1.resized:

Container1.width = self.width -500

in button.action(that works):

Container1.width = webpage1.width+100

I found the answer. I can’t use container.width = webpage.width, but container.width = container.width + difference. Very easy: “page new width” - “page old width” = difference.

In Webpage.resized:

  if FirstResized = false then
    oldPGwidth = pgDCP.Width
    GanttCont1.Width = actualPGwidth-120
    FirstResized = true
    GanttResized(actualPGwidth - oldPGwidth)
  end if

In GanttResized:

ganttcont1.Width= GanttCont1.Width+difference
  oldPGwidth = oldPGwidth+difference