WebPage.PopupBlocked no longer exists?

Then how can i detect if popup is blocked? I would like to open an external URL in a new tab/window inside my app, and would like to inform the user to enable popup for my app. Thanks.

It would be a lot more user friendly to use a link to open that new window. Since it will be a user click, the new window won’t be blocked.

Instructing the user to disengage the popup blocker is the worst possible design.

I know I can use a weblink, although I can use css to wrap the link looks like a button, it still has limitations. May I ask why it is a worst possible design?

Web users are notoriously impatient. Asking them to go into settings to uncheck the popup blocker that protect them from spam and stupid popup ads is the best way to lose them.

Give up … I changed to display the external URL in HTMLViewer embed inside the app.