WebMoviePlayer Error Code 100

Having some issues getting the movie player to load a video when the page loads. Ive trie it in Webpage.Shown, MoviePlayer.Shown and Open and in a timer,

It Sometimes it shows briefly as a black box then turns white with no controls.

However I put a Popmenu with Multiple Videos and those all load!

Sometimes it is showing an error code of 100?

What does this mean.


What’s the format of the video and which browser are you testing with?

The Video was was a m4v and browser was Chrome.

I did find out the error 100 is something like invalid format. However as I noted it did load some of the time.

And after It opened It would load any that I sent to it from a Popmenu I had loaded, both m4v and mp4 100% of the time.

It’s just the initial load it seems to have problems.

Keep in mind that there are several encodings of the m4v format and if you make one that Chrome marginally likes, you could get strange behavior like this.

Also make sure you test Safari, Firefox and IE9-11 and Edge for compatibility.

What is edge?

Edge is Window 10’s new default web browser.

Stupid name!

MP4 as a format is actually just a container which can contain multiple codecs (in fact, MP4 is based on the older QuickTime file format).

So saying “does it play mp4 files” is really an unanswerable question…

The behaviour in Safari is the same.

I am using mp4 files right now–just finished testing a segment and it works fine. I use iSkySoft Video Converter, which is important, because I had to test several converters before I found one that would encode them correctly for each browser. In fact, I have to use four formats (ogv, web, m4v, mp4) to ensure they play correctly across browsers and devices. Below is what I use to determine the correct file extension for the video it plays. iSkySoft converts all four formats correctly.

dim sExt as string
Select case session.Browser
Case WebSession.BrowserType.Firefox
sExt = “.ogv”
Case WebSession.BrowserType.Chrome
sExt = “.webm”
Case WebSession.BrowserType.ChromeOS
sExt = “.webm”
case WebSession.BrowserType.SafariMobile
sExt = “.m4v”
case else //works for opera as well
sExt = “.mp4”
end select


Not the quickest, but reliable results.

I’ve been using http://easyhtml5video.com/.

Seems to work great.

It creates the HTML Code also.

in fact, I was originally thinking of just displaying the HTML code it generates in a HTML Viewer. Totally bypassing the web movie viewer.

Do you guys think that’s a better idea?

On relatively recent browsers, HTML5 is much better than Flash IMO.

EasyHTML5 was one of the ones I tested and I couldn’t get the videos to play. There were about 3 others that had free demos that I couldn’t get to work, either. iSkySoft produces all four types that work for me, so I just keep using it.

You should check again, as it creates all the videos at once and allows you to fine tune cropping.