WebMenuItem and WebListBox


I have a WebListBox where clicking any row should update and show a WebMenu.

Once the ContextualMenu property has been set to the WebMenuItem object, there are two different approaches, both not working as expected.

1: if I use the right-click way, there’s no event allowing me to update the menu (to merely add a checkmark icon). Since right-clicking doesn’t select the row, there’s no event called. Also, because I don’t know which row will be right-clicked beforehand, I can’t update the menu earlier, such as when filling the listbox.

2: if I use the left-click way, the WebListBox.Pressed event fortunately executes, where I can update the menu, but it just flickers and disappears immediately. And even if there’s a workaround, choosing this method means I’ll have to disable the right-click method to avoid showing an incorrect menu.

Has this been solved by someone already?

Some event must fire on right-click, surely? I don’t do web, myself, so can’t be sure about that.

The only event that would be suitable, “Pressed”, isn’t called in this case. Looks like it’s a missing piece.
Thanks for your reply.