WebMapViewer & WebMapLocation : Simple Example Showing Custom Icon

Hello Everyone

Anybody has a working example to display custom icon for WebMapLocation on WebMapViewer to share?
Appreciate if anybody could share a simple working example to demonstrate the use of custom icon for WebMapLocation on WebMapViewer (Web2.0).

Thanks in advance.

Did you ever get this to work?

Not with Xojo Web 2.0 version prior to 2022 R4.
This Xojo 2022 R4 i have not tested yet.

However i tried to use Leaflet.js. Looks quite promising but still early stage.

I used it as a combination between Xojo Web 2.0 + Leaflet.js accessed from Xojo Android.

I am in discussion with a consultant ( a member in this community) to package it in a proper WebSdk control. I am waiting for some budget to do that :sweat_smile:. As of now, the one i did with Leaflet.js is very basic and not properly encapsulated.

GraffitiMapViewer supports custom icons using Google Maps as well as many other excellent features.