WebMapViewer suddenly crashes Web1 and Web 2

The Google viewer in web 1.0 and the Google map you are native to Web 2.0, which have been working swimmingly for years, suddenly crashes the entire application.

Has anyone got a workaround? (GraffittiSuite has a web map viewer for 2.0. but what about 1.0?)

How can we reproduce this one @Jay_Menna?

Yes. Alberto tells me he has DMed you on this. We are working on a test project and will send it ASAP.

(We posted here because were hoping that someone else might have seen this and had a hack to fix.)

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@Ricardo_Cruz here it is:

#72134 - Web1 and Web2 WebMapViewer problem

It looks like Google changed something and when we create a new WebMapLocation and use .GoToLocation(WebMapLocation) and .AddLocation(WebMapLocation) crashes the webapp on a server (can’t reproduce the problem running on a mac).

We started getting this once in a while, then more frequent and now everytime on the server.

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Thank you @AlbertoD :pray:t2: