WebMapViewer Lines

can WebMapViewer draw lines?
multiple custom tracks provided by latitude,longitude pairs. not calculated by from-to.
together with other waypoints/icons.

  1. i need a given track to walk along + waypoints as checkpoints.
  2. a track trail.

I think there might be a way through the DrawRoute method.

In there, you can find the GeoJSON property.

As far as I know you can define all kind of stuff in there.

I have not done anything with GoeJSON myself, though I’m quite interested to play around with GeoJSON. So, I have no clue if it can do what you want. Online there are plenty of examples about the format.


You can play with GeoJSON in this page, to see how lines and other features are translated into this format.


it seams xojo does not support FeatureCollection from this geojson.io page.
(i test xojo with openstreetmap)

That’s a definite Feature request!
I know I could make good use of that, in the future…

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