Webmapview & Google API in latest Xojo version

Has the webmapview been updated to accommodate google’s api key requirement in the new version? I am willing to renew my license if this has been fixed already. Thanks!

I don’t remember exactly when it was fixed, but I have been using webmapviewers with an API key for a while already. I do not use advanced features such as distance calculations and such. Just a map with a location marker. Works just fine.

Hi Louis,

Thank you for replying. May I know what Xojo version you are using? Thanks!

My current Xojo version is 2018 R4. My webapplications are standalone, running on a Windows 8 virtual machine. I use SSL, but SSL is offloaded at the level of the reverse proxy. The application itself is not SSL.

I made my own (for desktop) using openstreetmap API.
I suppose it’s not more difficult to make it for web target.