WebMap: getting the distance/time from 2 points

Since webmap is based on google maps I was wondering if it is also possible to get the distance from two points (not the straight line, but the driving distance) ?
Anyone familiar with this control can confirm ? Is this info easy to retrieve ?

Thanks, rgds


there are multiple ways. You could calculate the linear distance from the geocoords. There are many ways, you’ll find examples with google.
Then there are Apis from google, OSM and others to get these informations. Google(Google Maps Distance Matrix API) doen’t allow much requests (2500 / day) but you could use your own osm-based server for that with no limits. It only needs some time (days, weeks, months based on your system and the area) to calculate the needed data initially.
If you ant to interact with the map, you’ll need to use an webview here.


There was a forum post once that gave the calculation based on two latitudes and longitudes.