Weblistbox with multy selection

How i get the listbox selected using the multy selection

I do not think, but it is to check, because it’s been a while I have not studied webListbox.

By cons, it is possible with WebListboxTD.



I’m not sure what you are asking. Are you trying to make a WebListBox so that you can select multiple lines? Just set Multiline to true in the inspector. To get an array of the selected indexes:

  Dim i, c, s() As Integer
  c = Listbox1.RowCount - 1
  For i = 0 To c Step 1
    If Listbox1.Selected(i) = True Then
    End If

Note that WebListBox.Selected can be used to set the selected lines as well.

Thanks Daniel

the code help me

MultiLine does not seem to be the selection of rows - it seems to be a view property - to allow a row to wrap to a second (or more lines).
Is there a way in Web ListVBox to allow a single selection only.
ListBox.SelectionType does not seem to exist.