webListBox web 2.0 (xojo 2021r1.1) too many problems

hello everyone, I just updated xojo to the latest release and I tried to use the webListBox but it gives me so many problems that it is impossible to use, if you set the head of the columns it has absurd behaviors, after having populated it the first time and cleaned it does not it is no longer able to populate it, it is not possible to populate it in the show event of the webPages, keys appear asking how many lines i want to display unmotivably, keys for paging even if the lines (when they appear) are already all visible …

Does it seem to me that the problem is really very important, or am I the only one having these difficulties?


the problems arose from the version of xojo 2021r1 onwards, in the rel 2020r 2.1 the weblistbox had many problems but not so serious

If I search WebListbox in Feedback I see several cases that need attention. I didn’t know that things changed from 2020r2.1 to 2021r1 and not in a good way.

Can you share some of the things that worked better in 2020r2.1 (WebListbox)

my feedback case n. is 64661 on this case there is a project that you can test

the big difference that you can see from the 2020 to 2021 rel on the webListBox is that if you set the number of cells of the weblistbox from code, then if you try to populate it, in 2020 it works (more or less) in 2021 it gets confusing and after the first time … no longer populates the grid, in short, it has a behavior that is too causal. ps. then you certainly cannot think of knowing immediately how many columns a weblistbox will have, perhaps it is useful to vary the number of columns at runtime and this seems to cause problems.

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You are not the only one. Some of the others, (like me), are still on Web 1.0 until Web 2.0 stop looking like an alpha version, some others found alternatives.

And of course, there are some others that are going to tell you that it is only you. Web 2 is fine, just use “X” workarounds and DONT use “Y” features… :roll_eyes:


I made a reports page with listboxes with different numbers of columns. Nothing is entered for the column widths, For a particular report, I hide all the unused listboxes and add the column headings and the data. Xojo figures out how wide the columns should be and it looks good. My big complaint is that there is no way to sort columns other than alphabetically. If we could tell what column header was selected, we could generate a new rowset sorted the way we wanted and refill the listbox.

If you’re using a data source, that information is provided in the RowData method parameters.

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WebListBox is the most buggy component of the Web 2.0 package and needs a lot of work. I have many FeedBack requests on these and, while some have been fixed, many basic features have not, some with no workarounds.

eg Changing the number of columns is a big No No. Cell and Header text wrapping has a workaround, but can clobber any fields below until it refreshes. The Pagination automatically appears on WebListBoxes where all the rows are visible, and I have asked it to not appear. WebListBoxes ignore the normal NSEW locking rules when compared with other screen objects. Column reordering seems to have been yanked out.

I will have to pull capabilities from my Web 2.0 app versus my Web 1.0 app version, when I am ready to release.


Yes, Web 2.0 is still not on par with 1.0 in some respects. But it has improved steadily. For example, 2021 R1 magically brought a very significant improvement (about two-fold, from 12 seconds down to about 6 seconds. This is still way more that the equivalent on 2019 r3.1, about half a second, but borderline usable) on the opening speed of certain pages in my test application. No code change on my end. It is clearly something that changed for the better in 2021 R1. I still work on 2019 R3.1 for productive applications -in most cases, it is not worth the effort to convert to 2.0, but I am now developing my next applications on 2021 R1. The trend is for improvement. I am optimistic, much more so than when web 2.0 first came out.

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