Weblistbox Style Change Not working

I have a WeblistBox that I want to have outlined in red to indicate there is an error.

I change it in the side and it shows correctly, I set it to that and run it it shows correctly.

I even set a different style on it then changed it to the error one and the original style left but was not replaced by the new style.

Here’s the code:

		conOfficers.lstPendingOfficers.Style = stlError              <<<<<< Listbox doesn't show new style 
		conOfficers.txtMemberNumber.Style = stlError.          <<<<<< This shows the new style

Anybody have any ideas?


Can you replicate this is a sample project so I can look at it?

What I found out is if I assign it at design time a style the is the normal outline, then It can be changed programmatically.