WebListbox --> Set Row Height

Hi Guys,
is there a simple way to set the row height of a WebListbox?

Since Web 2.0 the WebListBox.RowHeight method ist deprecated.

Do you have an idea?

Thanks a lot

Take a look at this thread



Add to the App HTML Header:

.table-striped tbody {
   line-height: 0.1;

change 0.1 with the height that you want.

Note: this will make all your WebListboxes the same height. If you want different listboxes with different heights you may need to set the line-height using JavaScript.


Hi Alberto,
thanks for your help. it works great :))

OK, it will be a little bit tricky if you need different row heights, but there is also a solution too :slight_smile:

greetings from Germany


Is there a solution for the header height too? I can’t find anything about that…


Sergio, this is not a solution for all cases, you can find problems like empty space after your rows if you keep scrolling.

If it works for you (you don’t use long lists for example) then I can try to see if something can be done for the header. I hope Xojo will allow the change of height without workaround in a future release.

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Sure… but during we hope, we have to do our work :wink:
Really, it is not very important, we can live with big headers for now.
Thanks for the answer