WebListbox SearchCriteria

I am trying to make use of the WebListBox.SearchCritera method however I feel like I’m missing something. Basically I have a weblistbox with lots of rows & columns and trying to filter the rows from the said weblistbox but it doesn’t work (preferably I would like only the 1st column of each row to be searched if possible, if not that’s ok as long as it works). Is it enough to provide the string I want to be searched in SearchCriteria or do I need some additional code? :thinking::pensive:

I’m dealling with the WebListbox.SearchCriteria as well.

Did you get it working?

In the Xojo docs it is mentioned that it uses the full-text search filtering of SQLite.

I think you can select the columns from there.
But, I find the SQLite page a bit hard to read. But maybe I should let this rest for a while and read more carefully.

My goal is to do searches using the LIKE statement, where I use the SearchCriteria on any character in the listbox, not just the beginning:

Search: “list” should match “weblistbox
I used the * but that only works on words starting with the SearchCriteria.

You can do:

Search anything that ends with “list”

Search anything that begins with “list”

Perhaps also:

To search any match

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