weblistbox replacement question

I know there are a few possibilities for weblistbox replacements. I need to find something which would allow me to use another control, such as a radio button or a checkbox in a cell. Do any of the weblistbox replacements support this functionality?

The Wingding font installed by default in Mac and Windows provide characters that can be used for that :
&uF0A1 and &uF0A4 for radio buttons, F0FC for check, &uF06F &uF0FD and &uF0FE for checkbox.

You can also check http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/ which provide such icons callable though HTML, which could be a better solution if you have Linux visitors that do not have WingDing.

The KLTableViewController is built using Containers so you can place any control you like on each row :slight_smile: