webListBox, misalignment of column content after returning to the webPage

I have encountered the following problem
I create a webPage1 containing a WebListBox with n columns (aligned on the left … therefore with no type of style)
I fill the contents of the webListBox

I use a commandButton to show another page (webPage2)
so I move to webPage2

on webPage2 I have a commandButton which makes me go back to the previous webPage1
when I go back to webPage1, the contents of all cells move to the left, and the more columns the more evident the problem is

has anyone encountered the same problem?

WebPage1 with the listbox just opened —>

webPage1 once you return to another web page ->

case 59704


I hope Web 2.0 tackle this one but seen Status: Verified is not a good indication.

As far as I know the new Weblistbox is a completely different control underneath. I would imagine that takes care of Web 1.00 bugs.