WebListBox is displaying differently under 2023R2


I have a page that contains a container control, this control is used to diplay a list of data using a datasource.

Using 2023R1.1 I had this result

Using 2023R2 I’m getting this weird lines in the display:

I’m using this WebStyle and I’m wondering if there is something I should add to the web style to get rid of the thick border on the cell.

Var style As New WebStyle
style.BorderThickness = 1
style.Value("padding") = "5px"
style.Value("white-space") = "normal"

Thanks in advance for any help

Can you share a sample project?
Can you create an Issue?

R2 shipped with updated Bootstrap and DataTables but haven’t seen that dark like (not using WebStyle).

Thanks for your reply @AlbertoD . It does indeed seems it is a bootstrap theme issue (even though I did update the bootstrap.min to bootstrap 5). I removed the theme and the misteirious line disappeared. I knew there were going to be some challenges moving to 2023R2 so no big deal, I will need to figure out how to create a properly working theme.

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There is something I don’t understand though. I downloaded the default bootstrapmin, no changes to anything so I could test what would happen. As soon as I add the bootstrapmin to my project the lines show up again.

Something in that bootstrapmin is being pulled to render the listbox. Maybe overriding what Xojo uses.

Without a sample project and the bootstrap theme, it will be hard for someone to help.

You are right @AlbertoD .

Here is a very basic project along with the bootstrap.min.css file which I exported without modifying anything from

Here is a very simple project:



At first glance I think that bootstrap is not a complete bootstrap 5, the size is around 145K while full bootstrap 5 is around 235K

Are you using that bootstrap theme because the colors on the default R2 are different than older Xojo versions? If this is the case, then download the one Ricardo uploaded here: https://tracker.xojo.com/xojoinc/xojo/-/issues/73406#note_558482

I also tested a couple of bootstrap 5 themes from https://bootswatch.com/ and there is no problem with those.