WebListbox in WebContainer ignores HeaderStyle

I notice that if I have a WebListBox in a WebContainer, and use the IDE to set its HeaderStyle to a specific Font Size, that style is ignored. The font size seems to change in the IDE window, but when I run the app in Debug mode, the font size style appears ignored.

Actually, I notice that the only thing in the IDE to affect the Header is its general Style property, not its HeaderStyle property. And that only affects what I see in the WebListBox in the IDE, not in the browser during Debug.

I now see that even attempting doing this with code in the WebListBox.Shown even fails to get it to honor the indicated FontSize style:

MyWebListBox.HeaderStyle = MyFontSizeWebStyle

Is your WebStyle ‘external’ — I find external WebStyles don’t work, but internal ones do.

No. Not external.

Hmm. Now setting WebListBox.HeaderStyle works perfectly this morning. Maybe all I needed was to restart Xojo.