Weblistbox horizontal scroll

Hi All

In the change from 22r2 (top Image) to 22r3 I now have a horizontal scroll bar appear, is the a way to turn them off as cannot find any reference in the documentation.


A suggestion: what happens if for those column headers where there is a scroll bar, you make them larger, does the scroll bar disappear.

And with 2022r2, if you make these columns shorter, do the scroll bar appears ?

Can you please open an Issue for this, attaching a sample project?

Edit: What OS and browser are you using?

created issue *


As the columns get wider the scroll boxed will disappear in r3
As the columns get narrower ni scroll bars appear in r2

While I can see horizontal scroll bars may be useful in some circumstances they should be abled to be turned off for better viewing.

using win11 21H2
Version 106.0.1370.42 (Official build) (64-bit)