Weblistbox header font & segment button highlight colour

Hi All

  1. When using the weblistbox is there any way of changing the header font without affecting the rest of the rows?

  2. Can the ‘selected’ segment of the websegmentbox set to a different colour other than the default?

Thanks in advance

  1. you can change the style using code in App HTML Header
  2. you can use a Button Indicator that you don’t use and change the CSS for it, creating a new bootstrap.min.css or use App HTML Header


Code used in App HTML Header (this will change the Button Light indicator for all buttons and will change all your WebListbox headers):

div.dataTables_scrollHead {font-family: monospace;
    font-size: xxx-large;}
.btn-light:not(:disabled):not(.disabled).active, .btn-light:not(:disabled):not(.disabled):active, .show>.btn-light.dropdown-toggle {
    color: #f5f5f5;
    background-color: #1e649e;
    border-color: #1e649e;
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Thanks for the help it works but it works for what i need