weblistbox hasfocusring

Is there anyway to turn off the hasfocusring on a weblistbox?

Set UseFocusRing to False?

I don’t recall that working. I had to force the tab-order to -1 or some other weird hack to get it to stop using a focus ring (the last time I tried).

Don’t mess up with focus rings on a web app. Some users rely on them to navigate with the keyboard, instead of the mouse (much faster). It is also used by impaired users.

Doh, sorry. I read that as Listbox.

The only way to suppress the focus ring would be to do some Javascript to remove it.

I would probably start here :

Or use pagesource control to add css to a custom style to remove it.

This page details on why not to remove the focus outline and shows how to do it: http://outlinenone.com

In my case, my app is only used by a small number of users, and I know that none of them need this feature. So I’d rather get rid of - and I have other custom controls in my view that don’t support the focusring anyway, so it would only be a half-baked feature anyway. That’s why Xojo should offer an option to turn them off.