weblistbox grid lines property missing

Is there away to create gridlines for the weblistbox control given that that it does not inherit the GridLinesHorizontal/Verical properties of the regular listbox. I could not fine a way to do this using styles. The only work around I can think of is to alternate the column colors to help users to see where one column starts and ends.

Try creating a Style with a left border. For all but the leftmost column in your table, set the ColumnStyle to that Style.

Web list box doesn’t inherit from Listbox so its not surprising it has very different properties , events & methods
There’s really no way to make it inherit from Listbox for the web.
However setting various styles for the cells you should be able to set up something that looks a lot like gridlines (or more)

Brad thank you so much, your advice worked like a charm.
For others that may encounter this issue: just create a style per Brad’s advice and use the following code on open event.
dim i as byte
for i = 0 to me.ColumnCount-1
me.ColumnStyle(i)=LeftColumnBorderStyle //where style is defined for left border only.

// to create a full gridline just add add a bottom border to the style in addition to the left border

Norman, I appreciate a prompt response from someone who actually works for Xojo. Is there a reason not to have the weblistbox to be as closes to the Desktop control as possible. The work around is fine, but I was confused as to why the weblistbox was so stripped down.