WebListBox Drag and Drop

Hello all.

Can anyone provide a suggestion and/or sample code to create a drag and drop between two weblistboxes? Single selection, nothing terribly fancy but so far I cannot get anything to work!

I spent a bunch of time tonite searching the forum for an answer to this question, but it seems most of the discussion is fairly old, considering D&D is only about a year old in the land of Xojo Web.

The docs seem to indicate that the weblistbox is usable for D&D, but in the same doc, the list of working objects does not include the weblistbox.

To avoid any more time wasting, I thought I would just ask the question directly. Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated!


It’s not. You’ll need to create a list using webContainers.

Thanks Greg,
Any idea if/when it may become supported?


I don’t.

Is this now supported? If so how is it done?

[quote=468567:@Tim Seyfarth]Is this now supported? If so how is it done?

Xojo web have not moved a lot in the latest years. Web 2.0 os is next in the road map, so, maybe in the next months/years the new WebListBox wil have more features…

It is possible to implement drag and drop with JavaScript, if you are up to it. There was a long discussion I participated in a few years ago, with solutions posted.

It would not take major modifications to implement that in WebListBox.

It does require thorough knowledge of HTML and JS, though.