WebListBox ColumnSelected

Hello all,

What is the API2 replacement for WebListBox.ColumnSelected?


I can’t find information about ColumnSelected, when did you use it (Xojo version)?

DesktopListBox has HeaderPressed and ColumnSorted events. Both are missing in WebListBox.

We plan to continue closing the feature gap between them, but if you open a Feature Request, it will help us prioritizing them.

This was originally from Web API 1. 2019 R1.1

If there is no equivalent, then so be it.

One problem that I have, and I am sure others do too, is when migrating from API1 to API2, there is no list of methods. functions etc that do or do not have an equivalent.


Thanks, we are still using Xojo 2019r1.1 for older projects, I don’t remember seeing .ColumnSelected and I can’t find that on the local documentation. This is what the local docs show:

the forum only shows this thread as a result of searching ‘weblistbox columnselected’, but this is off-topic, sorry for the noise. I was just wondering.

Tim if you are perhaps looking at a sublcass of WebListbox there may be techniques that can be borrowed to carry the feature over to Web 2.

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Hello all,

I do apologize. The correct function is ColSelected.


Are you sure this is a Xojo function and not one created as a subclass of WebListbox?
(I can’t find anything searching for ‘ColSelected’)

Hi AlbertoD

Boy am I off this week!!

I just looked again at the old code having not used it in a very long time. In fact, you are correct. For some reason the object was subclassed and the property is from that subclassing.

Again, apologies to everyone for the error and apparent waste of time.