WebListBox colors are not accurate by a large margin - what am i doing wrong?

Howdy folks.
OS: OS X 10.10.3 Yosemite
Browsers: Firefox 38.0.5, Chrome 42.0.2311.135

I’m trying to use listboxes on a project that I moved from Xojo2015r2 to Xojo2015r2.2. At first everything seemed fine. Conversion is fine, I just kept building. But when I tested using “Run” the browser (Chrome and Firefox exhibited the issue) opened up and showed the two default listbox colors as Yellow and ugly. I went back into Xojo and checked the colors looked fine when in the IDE but not the browser.

I tried to convert it back to Xojo2015r2 and it seemed to work, but when attempting to run it crashed.

Screenshot of the colors

Video to the issue. It has been cropped to not show my work tabs.

Yeah, that’s pretty garish :slight_smile:

Try using web safe colors from the OSX color picker…

Or try some alternative color pickers.

That’s the thing, I went through different colors and its like they all start at yellow and get darker. I tried setting Styles and that didn’t change anything. I then went the route of on the Open event handler adding a ListBox.PrimaryRowColor=&cFFFFFF which was enabled when the video and picture were taken.

I followed through and tried to look at the style.css under the running app through the browser and I could not find the HTML color code nor the RGB color code listed. I’m not sure what to look for next.

Strange. I redownloaded Xojo and Save As to a different name and the colors saved correctly. Reopening the previous file keeps the ugly colors. Totally weird.

Might it be related to this?:


[quote=197284:@Peter Job]Might it be related to this?:


That most certainly seems like a similar incident. I’m not sure I can provide much more information. I’ll run a diff on the different projects as I saved them to try out different solutions until I found the right one.