WebListBox CellValueAt returns wrong value after adding style

Web 2.0, Windows10, Chrome
I have a lot of WebListBoxes and just noticed that if I add a row then add a style using stylerenderer, I can no longer get the correct cell value using cellValueAt. Instead it returns something like this, {“text-align”:“right”“xojo_target”:“cell”“xojo_value”:“00"”_xojo_type":“Xojo-Style”}
How do I get just the cell value after I apply a style?

It’s returning a stylerenderer, so you’ll need to cast it to that and ask that class for the value.

I don’t think that anyone would expect to get the stylerenderer value when they request the cell value. This conversion should be done behind the scene and return only the cell value. Is there an example showing how to do your suggestion?


Could this possibly be related to <https://xojo.com/issue/62772> WebListbox.CellAt doesn’t function after listbox has been sorted ?

I have looked at the LR for WebListBox.CellAt and I don’t see anything for CellAt.
I see CellValueAt and CellTagAt. Am I missing something?

Sorry, 'twas a typo.
I meant: CellValueAt() WebListBox — Xojo documentation