Weblink shifts up at runtime


Weblinks need to be reliably placed, which is not the case right now:

What version of Xojo?

I discovered it only when rebuilding my webapps with Xojo 2015r2.
Reading the Feedback Case 37815 of Tobias, I understand that this bug must have been there before already.

I can work around it by setting the weblink to multiline and then shifting it up somewhat, so then during runtime it is positioned about right. But this will most likely break in the future.

Screenshot of Webapp built with Xojo 2015r2, for Linux.
Screenshot taken on a iPad Air with iOS 8.3.
It looks the same on a Safari browser on OSX 10.10.3

I’ve been having all sorts of WebStyle issues with Release 2 too. Can’t pinpoint it though. It’s as if random builds suddenly all the styles get wrong. I do have a lot of subclassed styles from other styles. But I had to run through the project and explicitly set sizes on various styles to stop the bug. There’s also still a bunch of problems with the Version Control Project not saving style changes consistently either :frowning:

I have notice strange things as well while developing RubberWeb, but some seem related to Chrome.

For instance, in Chrome 40 or Safari 8.0.5 under Mac oS X 10.10.3, I cannot get a button to have a height of more than 22, neither at design time or at run time. This does not happen in FireFox where the height is honored. I suspect from the look of the button it to be the Cocoa button of style Push which I know from RubberViews cannot be styled.

Seems the WebMoviePlayer does not resize at run in some circumstances as well under the same browsers.