WebLabels: prevent text selection


I use a lot WebLabels. For example, to design custom buttons.

But on desktop browsers, several clicks selects the button text, or even a part of the webPage.

For example, I have a “Next Page” button. If the user clicks this button once, then again (to move two pages), a large part of the page is oddly selected. (this is not always the case. And sometimes it’s just a part of the button is selected, sometimes many buttons and text of the webPage)

It is very unpleasant. Is there a way to prevent selection?

Thank you


(Sorry for my bad english)

I address this with the WELabel class in Studio Stable Web Essentials. You can try a demonstration here:


To see this working, click the “Label” tab. Try to select the text in the label at the right. The other thing that label does is size itself automatically to contain the text.

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Super! I just bought it.

Thanks. I just emailed you the download info. Enjoy!