WebLabel in WebContainerControl

Trying to make first web app.

Put several webLabel in a webContainer and embed in a window.
Only the top third(more or less) of labels displays.

Added a textfield with characters there in. It displays correctly.

Add style to labels, no effect.

Is this a bug or am I doing something incorrectly?

please make a screenshot!

yes! this is a known bug in xojo that I also had before.

Which IDE-version do you use? I thought it was fixed in the 2014 R 1.1

2014r2. Maybe it was un-fixed.

Thanks Lars.

obviously its not resolved. the strange is, that this do not occurs every time.

I solved this with the trick, that I changed the superclass of the labels into webtextfield with a non-bordered Style. The appearance is the same and it works.

It has to do with the level of embedding. WebLabels which are nested inside multiple levels of WebContainers suffer the most from this bug, while ones in a single level hardly show the problem at all. Fixing this bug is a whole other matter.