Weblabel and TextField = Emojis

Can anyone tell me why Emojis in color show up in black and white on Labels and TextFields?


Have you set the labels to ColorEmoji ?

The solution is to use a canvas instead. It shows perfectly color emojis with drawstring.

For TextField, set the super to TextArea, so it supports styledText, and it will do emojis.

Edit : if you paste the emoji in the label Text field, it shows just fine.

Huh? I use emojis more than I should and they display in color for me on macOS Yosemite, El Cap and Sierra. Which OS are you running?

I may have jumped the gun, it showed black and white in the design view, but was color when running.

On weblabels, all depends of the platform used to show the app. On Mac, they will certainly show as color. On Windows and Linux, that is another story.

Cant even think of a reason they’d not show up in color at design time
A bug report with a small sample would be useful

I tried before posting above, it shows perfectly in 2017R1.