Webkit Windows Fonts


if I use webkit for HTMLViewer on windows, some fonts are shown wrong… with native renderer they are shown correctly.
I wanted to use webkit because its performance is better…

any suggestions?


It would greatly help if you could post some pictures of “shown wrong”, to understand what is going on.

Read https://documentation.xojo.com/api/deprecated/htmlviewer.html and focus on the part

[quote]Windows IE Version
On Windows, the Native Renderer is probably using an older version of the Internet Explorer renderer. This may result in web pages that do not display or work as you expect. You can tell Windows to use a newer version of the IE rendering engine with a Registry setting. This is how you can change it using Xojo:[/quote]

Webkit isn’t the Native Renderer so that isn’t relevant.

I don’t find the Webkit renderer on Windows is necessarly faster - if you are using the most modern IE11 renderer, “native” is quite fast. If you are using the old (IE6) renderer by accident, then it’s slow and the fonts may look different too.

Bottom line, make sure you are comparing like for like: IE11 vs. Chromium embedded is a fair fight - IE6 vs. Chromium is not.