Webkit HTMLViewer AutoLogin

I’m noticing something odd with a login app I created (Windows/webkit). When the page is completely loaded I enter the username and password with javascript and then click the submit button. It works fine on the pc I develop on (debug and runtime). When I run the app on 2 other pc’s I have it tells me wrong password after clicking the submit button. All machines are Windows10, all have the same version of Chrome. I’m even able to login to the webpage straight in Chrome outside the app on the machines that it doesn’t work on. The password is hardcoded in my app so I know it is correct as it works on the dev machine. Just wondering if anybody has seen something like this with webkit acting different on 2 similar machines? Or is there something obvious I am missing. Thanks.

Theoretically, there shouldn’t be a difference. When you select the Webkit renderer for the HTMLViewer and build for Windows, the renderer’s support files are distributed with the application. So you’re running against the same version of the renderer, and really shouldn’t see a difference. There must be something else going on here.