Webkit for Mac?

Is Xojo even considering creating a Webkit HTMLviewer option for Mac? I have ran into a fair share of issues lately using the built-in HtmlViewer Safari native render engine. I know webkit has it’s fair share of issues as well, just curious if its even on the table.

Htmlviewer on Mac uses WebKit, always.

I could of sworn I was just told Mac always uses the Native Safari engine

Safari = WebKit

If you need the newer WKWebView control, I have one for you in my MBS Plugins:


It might be , but it’s not the same version or something. The Windows HTMLViewer Webkit reports more features available when using html5 test.


macOS uses the system WebKit framework
Windows uses either the really old IE system framework (Native renderer) or the CEF framework (WebKit renderer)
Linux uses either WebKit or libgtkhtml

CEF1, which is what Xojo was using, was based on WebKit, but I believe Xojo has moved to CEF3, which is based on Blink and V8 JavaScript engine (the renderer and JavaScript engine used in Chrome)…