WebImageViewer.VerticalAlignment Documentation?!

Grrrrrrrr! The is no documentation in 2021r1 on WebImageViewer.VerticalAlignment. The docs reference WebImageViewer.AlignVertical and WebImageViewer.AlignHorizontal both of which take integer values but I get a Debug error

WebPage_Main.Resized, line 2
Type mismatch error. Expected enum WebImageViewer.VerticalAlignments, but got Integer
ImageView_JSphereLg.VerticalAlignment = v

Does anyone know how to align a WebImageViewer to be centered on the page. It was really simple in Web 1.0 but I’m starting to lose it with some of the things that no longer work in Web 2.0.

The docs need an update.

WebImageViewer.VerticalAlignment is The vertical alignment of the image within the WebImageViewer, and you should set it in the IDE or this should work (not tested)

I don’t think this aligns the WebImageViewer itself on the page.

Thanks Alberto. I’m really looking for center alignment of the WebImageViewer on the page but The properties HorizontalCenter and VerticalCenter are no longer available. It’s really frustrating when useful things disappear in Web 2.0 and duplicating what was once simple becomes difficult and sometimes virtually impossible.

Do you add the WebImageViewer at design time (using the IDE) or you add it with code?

Using the IDE is easy just center the viewer to the webpage and un-set all locks, or if you need it to be locked top or bottom just select that lock.

OK unchecking all alignments to center haorizontal and vertically is something useful I didn’t know. I had always done it in code even though I placed the ImageViewer in the IDE. Thanks for the tip.

Your solution is working for me, and now my blood pressure has gone way down. I’m sure I’ll eventually learn how to make Web 2.0 do what I want, but it is a Journey I’m not enjoying so far. I keep running into road blocks on things I had down pat years ago and that severely impacts my productivity.

FWIW, The VerticalAlignment property refers to the image inside the image viewer.