WebImageView from dev machine file

I wish to prototype on my dev machine and load jpegs into a webimageview control set. The following code fails by only displaying white squares in each of the webimageviews, where f is a folder item referring to the jpeg on disk and wivPics are the image views.

    dim wpic as WebPicture
    wpic = f.OpenAsPicture 
    wivPics(intCurrentCol).Picture = wpic 

Different variations on the theme produce the same white squares result.

Do I need to use a Webfile for this as with a helper app or something?

Thanks in advance,


WebPicture is a subclass of WebFile, so you get the same functionality and then some. It’s more likely that the images don’t exist where you think they do when running in debug mode. Put a breakpoint on the line after “f” is defined and make sure it is not Nil.