WebHtmlViewer URL Fails

When building Xojo Web app with WebHtmlViewer, some websites cannot be displayed. For example, a simple Webpage containing a WebHtmlViewer fails with these URLs. Nothing is displayed.

HTMLViewer1.URL = “https://www.google.com
HTMLViewer1.URL = “https://www.googlemap.com
HTMLViewer1.URL = “https://www.apple.com

I have seen user comments that some websites cannot be displayed within an iFrame. Is this implying that WebHtmlViewer component is acting like a iFrame?

Is there a workaround?

I forgot to mention, that all these URLs work fine in HtmlViewer component for Xojo Desktop or iOS Apps. This problem appears to be unique to WebHtmlViewer component in a Xojo Web app.

We use our own we software internally. So we can control the setup of the users browser.

In this limited case we run chrome and we run the Ignore X-Frame headers extension.

WebHTMLViewer is an IFrame. There was no other practical way to provide that feature.

There are inherent limitations to such a setting. For instance, you cannot access the content of the WebTMLViewer if it is not on the same domain as your web app. It is not a Xojo limitation per se, it is a security feature of iFrames.

If you need to display sites that do not support iFrames, you could provide a link to that site that opens on a new window.