WebHTMLViewer - shows in RAD - not live

I have a WebHTMLViewer in a container on a WE solution. In the RAD the HTML shows. After compiling and running the frame of the WebHTMLViewer shows but nothing else

I am simply using the URL in the RAD for the WebHTMLViewer. When I place this URL in a browser the contents display

How to get the URL to show after complied

It’s possible that the url you are specifying I set to not allow being shown in an iframe, which is what htmlviewer is in web.

@Greg O’Lone - I lost track of this and am back to this piece. This problem occurred after I updated to SSL and appears to be an iFrame related failure as the Godaddy site will not allow XOJO to show that external html page inside a WebHTMLViewer.

In an effort to resolve I complied and stored locally the web site and it is located here “” is the server where the XOJO WE application resides.

I have attempted various modifications to Me.URL and Me.ShowURL with no results. In a web browser if I type this “” the web site shows up. Any suggestions would be welcomed.


When showing a page in an iframe on a page using ssl, it must also be secure, so the url must begin with https: