WebFileUploader Temp Location

Hey guys, I am looking for the temp file location for the WebFileUploader. Haven’t found any documentation on it, besides statements that it exists and is used when files are over 256K.

Thanks in advance!

What OS?
I don’t know, but I would guess it goes to the system temp directory.
For Linux it would be /tmp

Linux is where I am running the Web App. I’ll check there. thx.
Has Xojo not published the location for the control?

We don’t publish it because we reserve the right to change it on different platforms or OSs if necessary. Why do you need to know?

I want to ensure the account that is running the App has rights to write to that folder. Getting a buggy experience with the control.

On Linux, we currently use the directory that is revealed if you request SpecialFolder.Temporary. It’s unlikely that you don’t have write access.

What’s the buggy experience?

Could it be this?

I think I tracked down the tmp folder. I had the app display the SpecialFolder for temps on showing. I agree that that isn’t likely the issue.

My app uploads a tiny .tab file and then reads it. When running it locally it does great. When run from my linux host it running incredible slow - often to the point of crashing the app. I am trying to code a work around, but this seems very odd. It worked for several years, but within the last year it has grow worse. It is causing me to scratch my head.

Honestly, I am trying trying to narrow down where the hang up is happening. Wanted to see if it was the control. I am going to code in a work around that does use the control to see if it makes a difference.

Have you followed the instructions and copied the file to another location before trying to read it?

I copied the file manually via FTP and then had the app directly work with the file, all to go around the control. I am getting the same hangup… so it seems it isn’t the webuploader. Now my sights are zeroing in on the app locking up when I try to call a timer.

Thank you for your replies and honest efforts to assist. Excellent service. :slight_smile: