WebFileUploader in multiple sessions

My web app uses the WebFileUploader control to allow multiple users to upload images from mobile phones to a web server. I’m having issues where people are sporadically getting errors when trying to select files to upload and sometimes the file uploads but the image is corrupted. I suspect that maybe I need to implement the WebFileUploader control in the Session rather than as a static control in the app but I’m not sure how to accomplish this. For example:

Under Session in the Nav pane I add a property

Dim UpFile as WebFileUploader

I’m not sure how to add that to the actual web page so the user can see that control.

Am I going in the wrong direction here?

You can’t go that way. Put the uploader instance directly on the webpage.

If users are getting errors when selecting files, that’s more likely a browser problem, although I’m not aware of any issues with that as that function has been built into browsers for a really long time.

I’d be curious to see your project that is causing corrupted uploads though.

Thanks Greg. I figured that was the case and it currently is running with the uploader directly on the web page but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t doing this wrong.