WebFileUploader fails silently with large files

Just testing out the WebFileUploader and I’m having an issue with larger files (about 1GB). The upload starts and the wheel spins for 10 mins or so and then it simply stops spinning with no event generated in Xojo. The UploadComplete event doesn’t fire, the WebSession.TimedOut event doesn’t fire, nothing lets me know it isn’t working any more. The WebApp just sits there as if everything is fine, no errors, no timeouts, nothing.

Is the Temporary folder writable? If not, your server might be running out of memory as the file is stored there if the Temporary folder isn’t writable.


Sorry, forgot to say. Yes the folder is writeable and I’m able to upload 100MB files.

you don’t access the data property of the WebUploadedFile object?
Because that would try to load the temp file in memory…

No, I don’t even get the UploadComplete event firing. It just stops.

One more time. WebSession.TimedOut will only fire if you set the WebSession.Timeout property and then only if the user doesn’t enter text or move their mouse for that period. It is NOT to tell you about the browser disconnecting.

I did set the timeout to see if that makes a difference. It didn’t. I didn’t know about the mouse move thing. The browser didn’t seem to disconnect, it just sits there looking “normal”. Pretty sure the interface is still up and working. Thanks for the info everyone.