WebEdition: How many users are using it at the moment?

From time to time I have to update my WebEdition-App.

I don’t want kicking users, which are currently using it, from the browser.

Can I see how many users are in a session? Than I can wait until they are offline. Or I can sent a message to go offline?

We don’t use Web Edition but we have a web app and what you’ll find is that as you grow there will always be users in the product, at all times of the day and night. So counting users won’t really help. A better plan, I think, is to pick a time when you know that there are unlikely to be many users, notify the users with a banner announcing your planned maintenance date and time in advance, and then just go offline at that time to do your update.

Sounds like Apple’s “We’ll be back soon”.

Perhaps I have to count who’s login and who is not logged out again.

You can get the number of sessions which is the really important bit - each session may have many connections, but that is irrelevant. When the session count returns to 0 shutdown, update & restart.