WebDialog vertical Align

Hi everyone.

I’m new in Xojo (migrating from VB6).

Looking Edies Electronic sample, the about box is vertical and horizontal centered, but I could’t get how can I vertical align a WebDialog.

Could someone help me

WebDialog could be Sheet, Palette or Modal.

I just tested and Sheet look like horizontal centered at the top of the browser. This is the default for WebDialog.
Palette will show as a new window, like a palette window. I guess you can set the position but didn’t test that.
Modal will show centered horizontal and vertical. Maybe this is what you want.

In my case, modal webdialog are only horizontal centered.

Eddie’s Electronics sample use a modal webdialog, if you can see that centered vertical then you should be able to make the same.

Remember that some things look different in different browsers. At least on mac with Safari, Chrome and Firefox all 3 will display a modal webdialog centered vertical and horizontal.